On the 23rd of February 2018, 16 Glenwood boys, from Durban, set out for Grey College in Bloemfontein. There were boys ranging from Grade 8 through to Grade 12. However there were no Grade 11 boys on tour due to the leadership course coinciding on the same weekend.

We played two rounds on Friday and three rounds on Saturday. Each round had a time limit of two hours per game.  We really struggled to compete this year but the tournament experience was very beneficial, especially for boys new to the format.

Overall we never got a good result, but it is necessary to mention some individual performances.  A. Sukhoo (Grade 8) won 4 out of his 5 games and N. Botes (Grade 12) scored 4½. The best performance came from K. Pillay who scored 5 out of 5 and won a board prize. Excellent achievement since he was in the A section and only in grade 8.

The tournament was a great learning opportunity for the boys.  It also proved to be a good occasion for the seniors to interact with the juniors in a healthy and positive way.

Report and photos by Mr Jonathan Bentham (MIC Chess)