23 Glenwood High School learners participated in the Life Sciences (Biology) Olympiad held on 15 March 2018 for the first time in a few years.

Glenwood’s results placed the School ninth in the country and second in KZN. Four boys achieved Bronze status, Keanu Naicker, Luschen Govender and Kennedy Labani (Grade 12) and Sankalp Katiyar (Grade 10).

Three boys achieved Silver status, Bryan Pather, Lathaniel Pillay and Daniel Seppings (Grade 12). One boy achieved Gold status, Ronan Theunissen (Grade 12).

Ronan placed sixth in the country and first in the province for his results in the Olympiad.

Top image: receiving certificates: K. Labani (Bronze, gr 12), K. Naicker (Bronze, gr 12), R. Theunissen (Gold, gr 12), B. Pather (Silver, gr 12), S. Katiyar (Bronze, gr 10), L. Pillay (Silver, gr 12). Not pictured: L. Govender (Bronze, gr 12) and D. Seppings (Silver, gr 12).

Image on the left: Miss C. Drury (subject head: Life Sciences) with the school’s certificate and R. Theunissen (grade 12, top achiever in school and KZN) with his certificate.