On the evening of 15 AUGUST 2017, a team of matric Drama Students, from Glenwood High School,  Terry Grey, Callum Earlam, Adrian Stevenson and Jayme Forget took part in the Kearsney Arts Festival against Hillcrest High and Kearsney.

They performed a selection of theatrical pieces, including an extract from the famous Rowan Atkinson Headmaster skit as well as a selection of monologues and an improvised skit involving bringing up an unsuspecting lady from the audience to play one of the roles.  The boys were very well received by the audience and the judging panel awarded Jayme Forget with a prize for the most promising performer.

Report by Ms M. Louden (Drama)

Photos by Mr R. Pet

Photo above from left to right: Mr Sandile Mabaso (Tenor), Jayme Forget and Mrs R Stockil.