Pietermaritzburg Girls’ High School from Pietermaritzburg, held its annual Academic Awards ceremony today honouring the efforts of its pupils throughout the 2018 academic year.

Kelsey Hearder and Taylan Mornet were the recipients of The Catherine Morewood Memorial Award which is given to two outstanding learners who are in the top 20 academically in their Grade 11 year and is voted for the their fellow learners.

Two laptops are donated annually in memory of GHS old girl, Morewood. Keryn Thompson received the prestigious Valerie Fowler Award for Excellence. This is awarded to a learner that is an all-rounder; achieves academically, in sport, culture and gives of herself to the school.

Picture above: Catherine Morewood’s parents, Chris (right) and Denyse (right) Morewood, at the annual Pietermaritzburg Girls’ High School with the 2019 recipients of the Catherine Morewood Memorial Prize, Kelsey Hearder and Taylan Mornet.


Andrew Graaf (Principal), Keryn Thompson and Tarryn Jolly (Guest Speaker)