After months of preparation and hard work, the Prep and Senior Schools of St Charles College in Pietermaritzburg, held their respective Talent Shows last week. Standing up on stage to perform takes guts, and we applaud each act that entered into this year’s Talent Show. From singing and playing musical instruments, to dancing and magic tricks, the Saints boys and St John’s D.S.G. girls who entered really outdid themselves. The winner from the Senior School Talent Show was Gideon Martinson (Grade 10), who wowed the audience with his keyboard and singing skills. The Prep Talent Show was won by the Grade 4 Band who displayed a brilliant rendition of ‘Castle on the Hill’ by Ed Sheeran.

Photo on top: Kaelim Moodley from the Prep School

Photo below: Jonathan Inglis from the Senior School

Jonathan Inglis from the Senior School 2