Some of the Grade 1 boys showing their certificates to their moms and dads (from left to right) Azhar Ally, Matt Bracco, Jaime Elan-Puttick, Thomas Hall, Khanye Marke-Johnson and Bryan Monji Builu.

Photo credits: Saysha Baker

St Charles College, Pietermaritzburg, annual Junior Primary Recognition Ceremony was held on Friday morning, 8 November, with the theme for this year being ‘hearts of gold’ and ‘kindness’.

The Recognition Ceremony is all about the boys, so the young men of Grade 3 took on the responsibility of doing everything from the Welcome to the Closing Prayer. This year our guest speaker was psychologist, author and co-founder of the Kindness Can initiative, Mr Paul Bushell. He spoke to the boys and parents about how being kind is one of the greatest superpowers you can have.

Each Junior Primary boy received a certificate with their own personal comment showing their growth throughout the year. As the ceremony ended, everyone went outside to the stairs of the Oval where the pigeons were released; a final symbol that all the Junior Primary boys have the necessary skills to fly with courage and confidence as they move on to the next phase in their education.

Yashsteel Chetty playing the violin with some of the other boys in Grade 3.