On Tuesday 24 April 2018 a group of Treverton College, Mooiriver, learners and staff spent another enjoyable day on the Connington Road supporting the Joberg2c mountain bikers. The weather was perfect and Trevertonian’s were eager to assist the riders; our grateful thanks to Mr Alan Stratford owner of Crompton Fold Farm who kindly agreed to the Treverton station being set up just inside the entrance to his property, providing a safe spot for the cyclists to replenish and refresh themselves for the final 12 kilometres of the day. This event is a highlight on the mountain biking calendar, a great marketing exercise for Treverton allowing staff and pupils to interact with top cyclists and competitors from across the country and the world as the pass through the Midlands… on their way to the finish at Scottburgh on the KwaZulu- Natal coast.

Thanks to Carl and Lara Steyn for their kind donation of oranges.

Photo on top: Treverton Prep learners setting up their support station for the Joberg2c cyle race.